Conquer Your Health Safely

HealthQuest, P.C. has been active since 1994. We were employed by some of the top psychiatrists in the Cordova, Mid-South. Over the past few years, we have realized that there was a need for our services in North Mississippi. Our patients had to commute all the way from the North Mississippi to the Mid-West for their treatment. Hence, we expanded and included two more facilities in Corinth, MS and Southaven, MS.

What you can Expect from HealthQuest, P.C.

HealthQuest, PC

Personalized Treatment

Our services at HealthQuest, PC are structured to identify and provide appropriate treatment in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Treatment goals are individualized to meet the patient’s unique health needs without hospitalization.

HealthQuest, PC

Treatment Recommendations

Our trained staff recommends hospitalization and residential treatment when deemed necessary for the patient.

HealthQuest, PC

Treating Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction rate in the Mid-South is only increasing with each day. Our program is designed to provide the necessary treatment and care for our patients. We help them get back on their feet and lead successful lives through efficient treatment and productive counseling.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about HealthQuest, P.C. We hope you choose us if and when you are in need of our services. We are always here to help you.