Suboxone IOP

For many clients suffering with opioid addiction, going into an expensive treatment center is simply out of the question. The Summits at HealthQuest offers an alternative treatment approach. We understand the client’s time and financial resources are usually limited. They no longer have to worry about missing work to go into a treatment center nor do they have to struggle financially to afford the treatment they greatly need.

We offer a detox and maintenance program in an outpatient setting for most clients. The program consists of three phases: detox, induction, and maintenance.

Most cases avoid hospitalization by coming to the practice side to be detoxed. The detox phase includes the following:

  • Psychiatric evaluation by the Clinical Director
  • Doctors will prescribe Suboxone medication and education on Suboxone
  • Program assessment and education on the IOP program
  • Clients are expected to attend 20-24 IOP sessions in conjunction with follow-up appointments with their doctor

During the induction phase (usually the first month), clients will be seen by the psychiatrist to ensure they have reached the Suboxone proper maintenance therapeutic dose.  In addition, each client will attend the Suboxone Intensive Outpatient Program which consists of three hour group sessions with the base model of therapy being informed dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

The DBT program consists of the completion of a daily diary card and the teaching of skill sets that include distress tolerance, core mindfulness, inclusion interpersonal and middle path (deal with communication and conflict resolution), and emotional resolutions. Patients learn to deal with overwhelming emotions that help them bear pain skillfully with the help of a DBT coach who offers assistance 24/7 through texting (once patient signs consent form).

The program offers effective communication, the basics of addiction, co-dependency education, basics of self-help support groups, how addiction impacts family members, relapse prevention, self-esteem building, and how to improve the primary support system.  Activities to reinforce the DBT skill sets include sports therapy, art therapy, and music therapy. Patients are encouraged to attend NA/AA weekly.

Family night is offered once a month for the patients’ support system and includes information on Suboxone and psycho-education on addiction and DBT. We also have trained EMDR therapists who work with Suboxone clients dealing with trauma.

The maintenance phase consists of medication management, individual therapy, and aftercare groups once they have completed the designated amount of IOP sessions. Patients are expected to complete the program for their benefit so it increases compliance and helps prevent relapse.

The Suboxone IOP meets Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 5:30pm-8:30pm, Wednesday from 11:00am-2:00pm, and Friday 2:00pm – 5:00pm